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9 Octomber 2017, 20:14

Στολές για Χαλοουίν Πάρτυ!

στην Αθήνα θα υπάρχουν πολλά πάρτυ με θέμα το Halloween οπότε είπα να σας βρω κάποιες ιδέες για γρήγορες, στιλάτες και οικονομικές στολές


13 August 2017, 23:54

10 Necessary Foundation Hacks

Struggling with makeup? Really need tips when it comes to application? Check this guide out!


7 July 2017, 17:28

Beauty Blenders for days!

Have you been wondering what's the best beauty blender shape and texture for you? Find out now, only on tomatostories!


13 August 2017, 13:50

Paper Makeup is Here!

Are you out and about in town and don't have time to carry with you your makeup case or your just tired of applying foundation? Use.. paper instead. Check it out here!


16 April 2017, 13:27

VS - New Fragrance & Lotion line!

For all of you crazy VS girls like us:

Come and pick up your favorite lotion and matching mist for 17 euros, just for today!

Check out the amazing VS's new fragrance Lotion line!