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27 December 2018, 21:45

Natural Contouring

Are you tired of contouring everytime you have to go out? Try this awesome, long-lasting natural contour that will save you!

27 December 2018, 21:40

Beauty Blenders for days!

Have you been wondering what's the best beauty blender shape and texture for you? Find out now, only on tomatostories!


27 December 2018, 21:31

Στολές για Χαλοουίν Πάρτυ!

στην Αθήνα θα υπάρχουν πολλά πάρτυ με θέμα το Halloween οπότε είπα να σας βρω κάποιες ιδέες για γρήγορες, στιλάτες και οικονομικές στολές


27 December 2018, 21:44

Stay on Trend with PFW

If you want to be in the fashion loop you gotta follow there new trends! If you are not about giving the big bucks, you should totally read this


27 December 2018, 21:45

2017 Top Sneaker List

This for the guy viewers.. Obviously I could not do this by myself. I got some help from my friend Ian Resler  who is an expert in sneakers and came up with the ultimate got-to have sneaker list.