Hey guys! It's great to see you here!

I'm Sofia Trifonopoulou, Sofia Trifo for short and I'm 17 years old. I like staying healthy and I enjoy going to the gym. From a young age my dad always taught me that it's importnat to stay fit and eat foods of nutritional value. So basically most people in my family are health freaks, I try to have a balance. My mentality is have a salad to stay fit and a burger to stay sane! Can I just say how much I enjoy being around happy people and how much I hate negative vibes. Also since I am throwing random facts about myself on this page, I love to write and I am a published writer (check out: so what makes us happy?). I love to write all kinds of stuff from blogging, to poetry..etc Also I really like to sing- you know cause it keeps you happy + screaming on top of your lungs does release a lot of tension. I'm pretty okay in school and I try to have a social life if homework ever allows me to. Well that's about it, I think. Oh did I mention that I'm like every other teenager when it comes to watching series and taking selfies. 

Also I'm probably going to take pictures of the food in front of me first, before I eat it, because I love aesthetically pleasing food and I mean, who doesn't? Oh and can I say that everything on this blog has been tried before it has been uploaded - don't worry guys, no poison here.

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you around here more often, Have a great day!