A couple days ago I found myself in a difficult situation, having to choose what I want to eat. So my friend proposed we go to one of my her favorite casual restaurants for some good old sunday afternoon lunch/dinner (truth is I really like that place too). We arrive there and the people there are very nice and find us a good table and we get ready to order and that's when happiness begins. So I had no idea what to have but afterall I had so many choices and I was really happy about that. There is nothing worse than having food you don't want to have. So we start with some appetizers - we had a red and white Kinoa salad with some smoked salmon, vegetables and avocado. Then we continued with some calf carpaccio garnished with white truffle oil and Parmesan. For our main dish, I had the white truffle mushroom Risotto and she had the calf fillet. Everything was great, we decided to top off our splendid meal with some dessert - a good old New york style cheescake. In all it was an awsome dinner. The lighting was also great and so was the music.

Here are some pics below: