Hey there girls,

It's been a while, so I decided to give you the solution to all your make- up worries. This is the natural contour. Don't waste your time everyday with the brushes do it once with natural ingredients and it will stay for for days.

So this will start out like a mask but it won't be one that you will wipe or wash off. It will stay in and you will blend in normally.

Ingredients you will need:

1) coffee grounds (Espresso/Coffee Brewed Grinds)1tbsp

2)Cacao Powder: 1 Tbsp

3) Yogurt: 1 tbsp

4) Rose Petals

5) Honey: A little less than 1tbsp

Here it goes....

Start by mixing in a bowl: yogurt, honey and rose petals and apply to undereye area, mid-forehead, chin and cheeks. Do NOT apply it on your cheekbones.


Mix cacao powder, honey and coffee grounds in another bowl and apply it on the top of your forehead and your jawline - and anywhere else you like to contour.  I also recommend outlining your cupid's bow. Watch out for the contour to go until the edge of your face, so you don't half-contour.


begin to blend in circular motion and then wash off

If you don't want your contour to look to strong you can simply wash it off in circular motion.

The white “highlight” mask BRIGHTENS and LIGHTENS to reveal a beautiful GLOW - youll look naturally highlighted and contoured!

This mask though doesn't only highlight and contour but:

- The brown mask: tightens, hydrates and exfoliates

Yogurt:  has lactic acid which exfoliates to reveal bright and tight fresh skin - it also prevents wrinkles so its perfect for the undereye, full of B vitamins so it makes your skin glowing and plump and hydrated
Rose water: brightens and tones the skin and makes it smouth
Honey: full of anti-oxidants and is  hydrating so it makes your skin glow
Espresso/Coffee:  the caffeine pulls excess moisture from the skin making it look more firm and tight.
Cacao powder:  natural sunscreen and helps improve skin complexion. Full of vitamin C, and fatty acids that keep your skin healthy