This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and interview Chef Lazarou. This man puts so much passion in his job and the presentation and flavor of his dishes is mesmerizing. He is a very humble man despite of how known he is for the masterpieces he creates in his favorite place the kitchen. I decided to ask Chef Lazarou what is Greece for him and what it means for him. I conducted the interview in Greek so I will translate his exact words below:

Sofia Trifo: What is Greece for you?

Chef Lazarou: It is the warmth of the soul, strong, clear and captivating gaze, hospitality, kindness of the heart, fragrances, the sea, the sky and love. This is Greece for me.

Watch the video for the exclusive interview with the wonderful chef Lazarou!

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Also Chef Lazarou's restaurant is Varoulko Seaside and here is the URL so you can check it out: