In its latest video for its new product: BLUE SERUM, Chanel features in its advertising video the wonders of Greece. From the thousands of acres of olive trees to beautiful Chios Island. Chanel meets the Blue Zone countries as it travels to Greece but also Sardinia and Costa Rica. The fashion Royalty claims that people who live in the Blue Zone live a longer life. BLUE SERUM was born in the Blue Zone and it combines among some of its ingredients green coffee beans from Costa Rica, olives from Sardinia and of course, Mastic from our beloved Greece.

Even though, other Blue Zone countries are included among the SERUM'S ingredients, the main focus of the video and the wonders of the country that feature are those of the one and only GREECE!

CHANEL thought Greece's sunlight, sea-waves, caves and olive trees would captivate the audiance and capture the essence of CHANEL'S new BLUE SERUM.

CHANEL's video can be seen here. The Product itself is also featured below:

(Read on to learn about the BLUE SERUM itself...)

Dreamed up by Christian Mahé The Youth boosting SERUM is here to rejuvinate you and gives you a sense of immortality as it has been inspired from the countries with the longest-life expectancies on the planet. BLUE SERUM includes 3 carefully picked ingredients from all the Blue diets: green coffee, olive oil and lentisk gum. ALL ingredients are used in their purest form and are used to improve skin texture and iron out wrinkles.

When applying it you must have a freshly-cleansed face and deeply massaging it in. Its a wonderful product but it does not come cheap, as it retails at 110$

“Blue zones are areas of the planet where people live measurably longer lives than in any other region,” explains Armelle Souraud, Chanel’s international scientific director. “Although the regions are scattered across the globe, they share a common lifestyle.” Souraud credits regular physical activity, a balanced diet, stress management, and close-knit social bonds as the main factors of longevity.