From Channel’s majestic rocket show in Grand Palais to Louis Vuitton’s Louvre parade, this year’s Paris Fashion Week managed to leave us speechless once again.  From February 28 to March 8, miracles were seen in Paris.


Through their glittery boots and space blankets, Chanel truly presented a vision into the future.




The trend of glittery boots and silver touches was also evident in the YSL show.



With Olivier’s usual neutral colors and his #FreeTheNipple movement, the Balmain army was ready to fight. Their clothes were screaming and were ready to fight.




This year, Dior said “yes” to navy and to feminism! The leather berets were key to the reference of political movements and figures past, while white bandanas that were found in every seat featured a quote from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie that red, "Feminist: A person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes."



The trend of Denim on denim was evident.



Think Pink! Emilio Pucci, Armani as well as Prada enhanced our lives with the color of love.


As for Miu Miu, Prada and Fendi...furs,furs and more multi colored furs!



Padded jackets; a must for the winter time, as seen in Balenciaga and Versace.



Giorgio Armani, YSL and Versace gave us the perfect dual chromatic combination of the two chicest colors; Blue & Black.



A touch of couture with Ostrich feathers was seen in Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen.




Finally, we couldn’t just leave out the majestic Miu-Miu’s pitch dark labyrinth dressed in lit orchids as well as the mesmerizing Louis Vuitton fashion show; the first ever fairytale fashion show at the Louvre, filled with long furs, leather trousers, slip dresses and leisure suits.



Au Revoir, Paris