I spent the past week in Italy and I had a wonderful time, made friends, studied art and ate, a lot. So we I was on a day trip to Siena to visit some museums and my friends and I felt hungary so we decided to look for some good Pizza. We were walking up the small streets of Sienna and to our right we saw an amazing small pizza place that served huge pizzas and outside it said in Greek "Best Pizza only here". We decided to give it a try we went in and the kitchen was visible and the big pizza ovens too (the wooden ones) they only serves freshly baked pizza so you could choose between margarita and pepperoni. So we asked for a slice and being famous for their huge slices of pizza, the place served us a huge slice of pizza. By the way,  Italians are famous for their thin crust, cheesy pizza and its not for nothing! Here are some pictures below:



Check out the greek sign:


It was so good I had to show you my reaction:


Its not everyday that I get to eat such a huge, delicious pizza in such a beautiful place: