What's the differnce betwen icecream and gelato, some say its the italian word for iceream but the real truth is that it is not the same as icecream! Gelato is much creamier than icecream and has less fat in its base. It is also lighter in terms of digestion and gelato uses more milk than cream so it is healthier than icecream itself, some people can't really tell the difference but it depends on the person.

So during my trip to Italy I enjoyed the italian delicacy at its best. I was told to try the Tiramisu ice cream flavor and I also had the Ferrero roche and the Mango. In Greece, we don't really have such a huge variety or the serving decorations and stuff.

We woke up really early one day and took off for a gelato adventure and we went to the gelato store in The Piazza del Duomo in Florence where we had the most aesthetically pleasing icecream - here's how it looked:

The place was called Don Nino and it is one of the cutest gelaterias I've ever seen in my life (I think only in France had I seen so cute icecream places - Paris)

In Don Nino - the mango gelato was so fresh and smelled amazing and it seemed that it was actually made of real mangos since it wasn't so sweet, and the man who served it said that it is limited in sugar


The same day after a long day at the Uffizzi we had one more scoop of Gelato at this amazing traditional gelateria, that made the icecream right in front of your eyes on the Ponte Vecchio Bridge.


Go try out that amazing Gelato guys,

Much love from Florence