I've been through the stress of packing for a trip, there is nothing more nerve racking than the feeling that you forgot something. Here are somethings I do to make sure I have prepared well for my trip and also some of the must-have's I have on every trip.

So first when packing I like to go through my closet from left to right and my drawers one by one so I don't forget anything important such as socks and pijamas, two very easy things to forget. Once I'm done packing clothes and I have gone through every singles drawer I begin to make my beauty bag it usually constitutes of perfume, lotions, serums, hair masks and stuff like that, but for those who wear make-up make sure you don't forget your make up bag! Also don't forget your toothbrush its a health issue.

I usually want to have everything ready from the night before because I hate last minute things.

So in terms of MUST HAVE'S:

1) I always pack with me a long coat, something more conservative that I can dress up my outfit without making it over the top (I like simple and elegant better)



2) A pair of jeans (at least one) - jeans are so easy to work with in terms of styling and they can play both a casual and dressy role. Usually when I want a more dressy look I will wear jeans with a white shirt and heels or high heeled boots. 


3) A jacket/blazer - jackets keep you warm and stylish, bomber jackets nowardays are very in style, I also love to wear blazers with white dressy shirts and brown high heeled boots

4) A shirt - shirts are awesome because with a pair of leggings they can look casual and cute but with a pair of jeans and heels they can look dressy and perfect for a night out

5) Always opt for a dress - a formal piece of clothing is always important to have in your suitcase (make sure you plan for any events you may have on your trip) - I recommend dresses over skirts and for the guys make sure you have a tie or somekind of formal clothing- like a nice shirt

6) A pair of heels - it could be pumps, high heeled boots, wedges or whatever - they are perfect for night outs, for the guys a pair of nice formal black shoes

7) Don't forget the Bling -I personally opt for my favorite rings and earings and maybe my charm bracelet, chockers are now in fashion too, guys perhaps could 

8) Don't forget a cozy sweater to keep you looking cute and keep you warm