DAY 1:

We stop for a cappucino and Tiramisu at the beautiful Arezzo, a beautiful, small town full of stylishly dressed people, impressive cars and amazing dessert. We also did a bit of shopping since Italy is also one of the biggest designer centers of the world.


Then, we decided to spend the next three or four days to look at some art and go to famous museums like the Uffizi and well, eat: a lot and I mean a lot of food.




We visited a lot of museums and a lot of art in general: (In florence). WE ATE A LOT! Below you can see we had a selection of hams and prosciutto and a wonderful tagliata with Parmesian and fresh, handmade filled Ravioli with truffles and cream. Also went to this amazing ice cream place (I will cover seperately).


Off to ROME! Truth is when entering the city it reminded me a lot of Nice, France initially.


Off to TIVOLI:

We visted the villa of the rich of the time and then had some lunch - trditional italian homemade pasta with truffle. I also learned how to make the perfect cappuccino!


Bye Italyy! (for my actual photgraphy gallery check for a seperate post)