The new snapchat update is taking the world by storm but it is it only a helpful tool to know where our friends are or could it be the beginning of exposing our deepest darkest secrets? 

Snapchat Maps was accused this past week of ruining relationships and friendships by locating people on the world map but also their activitites and who they are hanging out with.

Find the Greek version of the article Here again by tomatostories

Snapchat Maps can be used by users either in Ghost mode, where individual location is private or in public mode where all your friends or selected friends know your whereabouts.

A tool for thiefs? Perhaps... Since it documents your every move. If your snapchat is public and can be seen by people who may not be on your friend list then consider this dangerous.

Tracking your every move? Creepy! Snapchat Maps has been showing people appearing in their bitmoji form in planes, cars and big arm chairs contextualising their whereabouts while they are making use of the app.

Afterall, there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to the app since the only thing it tracks is your speed, altitude and time of inactivity in order to come up with all of teh above. But guess what? You have the choice of not using it if you don't want to so go ahead and activate ghost mode if you're feeling uncomfortable.

As for the rest of the reported incidents about "ruining lives" people shoud be more careful when it comes to honesty.

TomatoStories however is cautioning young people especially on sharing their locations as it raises safety concerns in regards to stalking. This could allow people to track your moves, seeing what school you attend, where you live and where you usually hang out. 

Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.. what is snapchat maps for you: Creepy or Smart?