The United States are known to be among the most unhealthy countries foodwise on the world map today. An average American's diet consists of food portions  double of those recommended by the food health organizations and their daily meals mostly consist of junk food, fast food and high in cholestrol foods.

Nutella is a force to be recond with when it come to business. It is labeled the best chocolate hazelnut spread in the world and the its competitiors don't even come close to the luscious, creamy Nutella. Nutella is made by Ferrero, one of the biggest chocolate empires on the planet and is based in Italy.

Nutella is extremely popular in the U.S (Chicago) as it is seen being spread on toast, topping icecream sundaes or even being eaten by the spoonful.

So it is not to our surprise that Ferrero chose the U.S to open its first cafe at.

On the day of its opening the cafe had thousands of nutella fans waiting outside to get their share of pancakes drizzled with their favorite nutella, their nutella milkshakes, crepes and any other nutella chocolate covered dessert you could imagine.

Now why is this opening such a big deal when it comes to health statistics?

Michelle Obama: ( during her husband's presendential term had put to action a program called Let's move trying to improve on the way American children eat, especially when it comes to junk food, sweets and desserts.

Nutella no matter how tasty it is, is said to have little to no nutritional value and could even be considered completely unhealthy due to its use of plam oil in order to preserve its texture.

Nutella is delicous and addictive but it shouldn't be eaten daily or multiple times in the day.

By opening the nutella cafe, yes Ferrero is making huge profits and spreading the nutella love to both children and elders but it is also endangering America's nutrition levels which already have hit rock bottom.

In order to help out with what seems to be a much bigger issue than what can be seen on its surface, America should be celebrating the openings of juice bars and salad bars and not nutella cafes.

Don't get us wrong we also are huge fans of the spread but one spoonful is enough, afterall its just the same taste.

So next time you catch yourself eating multiple spoonfuls from the jar, stop and think about the benefits of enjoing a healthy home cooked dessert like banana bread instead. This doens't only stand for nutella but any kind of factory made dessert.

Does this post seem a bit daring? Yes, you are right. I'm using the opening of the nutella cafe as an excuse to talk about a bigger issue that is constantly not being addressed by our current president who also chose to remove Michelle Obama's let's move program for healthier lunches in schools.

So no, this isn't a post against nutella and yes, you are right their spread is delicious.

This is about eating right and not only in the united states but all over the world.

It is our own duty to keep our bodies and minds healthy and happy.

PS: one jar of nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds all around the world and a spoonful of nutella is said to contain 100 calories. The recommended use of any spread: nutella, jam, peanut butter is one spoonful.