A group of teenagers making some genuinely good music or professionals singing their hearts out? Check out who Tomatostories encountered on our trip to Germany:

Cardboard Hearts is very different from many of the bands today. First of all, their lyrics are inspired, meaningful and come from the heart. The band's lead singer: Jacob Eisenach will take you on a magical journey with him. His voice is soothing and speaks to one's soul, perhaps because the feelings he expresses in his songs are so real.

Songs like Bubble Wrap from their new album "If my thoughts could be heard" and "Good day" are filled with beautiful and strong messages but are also very uplifting a trait that the band attributes to their drummer: Kristian Smedegaard.

Their music falls under the category of heartfelt rock and can be considered to have strong 90s vibes. It arises feelings of nostalgia and can also inspire and entertain but also console and comfort. 

That dash of romance can be attributed to the band's violin player: Darya Guettler. She plays the violin with such care an the rhythms she produces are so pure and heartfelt.

The final dose of rock is added by the band's bass player: Gabriel Mhkitaryan, his beats and passion are reflected in the music as he entertains the crowds.

The Cardboard hearts may not have reached your ears yet but they are on the rise currently. They have a huge fan base in their hometown of Kleimanchow, Germany, as they perform almost every weekend in concerts they host, co-host, or open for.

THey currently have two albums out and one single: Their first album: "Cardboard Hearts", their single: "Blink of an eye" and their brand new album: " "If my thoughts could be heard"

These musicians are selfless, caring, full of passion and joy for life and determined! 

Go check them out! 

Here is the link to their Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrIiJmD8hmXThK7ngfhIHHQ 

The Link to their Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/artist/1pPl8u4q3gxbzQVdO8xx8u

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cardboardheartsband/

Be sure to check them out and drop a like on their youtube videos!

Their music is mesmerizing and to be honest I had missed listening to music with such positive and nostalgic vibes.