Girls have been trying to achieve that plumped up Pout this whole past year. Well its your lucky day, get ready to get soft, plumped up lips. But boys also deserve an easy and quick spa treatement so go ahead and apply this magic to your lips!

However, each person is different and thus each person's lips will react differently to the treatement. Don't be discouraged if the scrub dosn't work right away, you may have to apply it more than one time to get your desired results. Also, don't expect Kylie Jenner lips, I want to be sincere with you all, any magazine or website that promises you that doesn't know what lip injections are.

After applying this scrub you should be expecting fuller lips for sure, a more vivid lip color and a definietly softer texture. This will definetly soothe your lips and rejuvinate them and will make them tingle softly,  thus exfoliating them.

Be sure to drink a lot of water constantly so you don't have chapped lips. This way the treatement will be more effective!

Please be very gentle so as to not irritate your lips. If you do apply either coconut oil or olive oil right away, do not apply water. Then, apply ice-cubes to numb the area for a couple minutes and your lips will recuperate. Also be sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients below.

Also do not touch your face and especially your eyes during or after making the treatment, make sure to wash your hands well.

Here's what you need to get heavenly lips:

1) a small bowl

2) a new soft toothbrush (be sure to buy the soft type so as to not irritate your lips)

3) vaseline/olive oil (whatever you have at your home) - the vaseline is just easier to work with since it is more creamy but the oil has amazing overall qualities. Check out: THE IMPORTANCE OF OLIVE OIL - 1 Tablespoon

4) Cinnamon Powder - 1 teaspoon

5) Sugar - 1 teaspoon

6) Ginger - half a teaspoon (optional)

7) honey - 1 tablespoon


1) First you need to gently set some icecubes on your lips (don't go overboard) just for a 10 seconds

2) Remove the icecubes and using your index finger apply some olive oil to smooth them down. Your lips depending on their hydration will absorb the oil in about 1 or 2 minutes if they don't, wipe off the excess - any vitamins that should be absorbed will already be absorbed. 

3) Then, we will begin making the scrub

4) In a bowl add the ground cinnamon, the olive oil, the sugar, the honey and the ginger (optional) 

5) Mix well until combined

6) Apply scrub to your lips and using the toothbrush softly brush your lips in circular motion (the brush causes the blood in your lips to circulate and thus plumps them up.

7) After brushing massage your lips lightly with your index finger and then using a towel with some olive oil on it remove the scrub

8) Wait for 2-3 minutes and wipe off the excess oil from your lips (wiping off with oil will ease the transition from lip scrub to no lip scrub on your lips).

9) Transfer the remaining scrub to a container (be practical), so you can use it again! In a mason jar perhaps, get that aesthetically pleasing result, instagrammable result while you are at it!

Hope you enjoy your day at the spa! You deserve a little treatment!