It has been proven in psychology that girls have less confidence than boys when they enter kindergarden. They are use to being told: "you will find the prince of your dreams", that they must behave as "princesses" and that they will probably always need the help of someone else to do what they want to do.
This is how strong, determined and hard-working becomes the new pretty

No, girls are independent they are strong, they deserve to be told that they can do everything and anything they want to do. 

This is why Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo urged  little girls from all over the globe to think big by creating a book with the stories of 100 notable women in gloabal history. From Harriet Tubman to Coco Chanel and Amelia Earhart to Simone Biles. Your sister or daughter deserve to know just how much potential they have to become a swimmer, an astronaut, a fashion designer, a pilot and so on...

This is a small change that you can make in the world while you're at it. So go out to a bookstore or online and do the world a favor. Because equality is a quality not a state of living anymore. These little girls growing up all around the world deserve their confidence. 

"Good night stories for rebel girls" is here to make the little girls of the world dream BIG. Because gender equality is taught from a young age and it is a lesson that should be a priority to be taught in every house.

The global bestseller sensation has come with a new volume 2 and a podcast! You can buy the gift box that sells both books together. The book has been translated in 30 languages and has sold more than half a million copies.Say goodbye to gender stereotypes and watch all girls around the world "Dream Bigger, Aim higher and Fight Harder"! "Gender will not define how big you can dream" - back the rebel movement.

Watch the videos below:

And if you want to call this feminism go ahead. We like to call it Equality and preparation for the real world. Because education is eye-opening no matter what age you are at.