Coffee is becoming an issue in our society  especially when it comes to teens. It's not bad but its also not good but who can say no to its luscious taste? And that's where our question rises. Recent studies from John Hopkins University say that the amount of consumption of coffee especially in teens has doubled since 2003 from 16% to 31% and it keeps increasing by the year.

But could it be just a fad? Seems that more and more teens are sipping caffiene more and more often and it isn't about its taste.

We asked a girl holding her starbucks order why she chose the drink she chose... the answer was: "everyone drinks this, everyone does it" We got concerned. Turns out things aren't how we thought they were. Yes, most of us drink coffee for the energy or to wake up... but most of us end up drinking cake. Cake? Yes cake. Teens all over the globe are adding vast amounts of sugar, syrup and whipped cream. You must know what we are referring to... Starbucks

We all love Starbucks and yes it is the best coffee we have had, true or true partially. But as with everything else coffee needs moderation as it can lead to health issues like insomnia, dehydration, depression, dizziness, ruining the inner layer of the stomach.

But if we have one cup a day and not 3 or more, there are positive effects to it. Coffee can help with memory and is an antioxidant and thus can help when it comes to detox.

If you are going through heart problems or are low in iron it is better to avoid coffee all in all. But if you do want to continue ordering your morning Starbucks order then cut down on the sugar. And if you are doing it for the trend, forget about coffee and do your own thing, maybe you could try tea.

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