I was coming home from a quick trip to Europe and my horrible experience started…I waited in line for 15 minutes to get in my taxi since there were so many flights. My turn finally came and I got into a taxi. I sat down and I look out the window begging that he would not ask me any questions. But guess what? He did. He started by asking my name, where I came from, my job and just made assumptions about me according to how I looked. I don’t understand this need for the taxi drivers to talk about personal information with their clients, it is disturbing and they become very annoying. I was mostly answering with yes’s and no’s and after a while he said “you sound indecisive” the only thing I wanted to do was get out of that taxi, after a long flight a talkative, insulting taxi driver was not what I wanted to encounter.

Thinking that things could not get any worse, I put my headphones on and well, even if he was talking to me, I definitely was not listening. We get to the tolls and guess what happens? He asks me to pay, I am amazed, I have never paid for tolls while in the taxi, I give him one euro and act like I don’t have anymore coins, he buys it.


I sink back into my seat  and wear my headphones looking outside the window. He begins to speed up and I take out my headphones and point to the exit he needs to go to and say: “please turn left” he completely ignores me and asks: “do you need to be somewhere?” and I don’t reply. I am terrified, he missed my exit purposefully, he asked so many questions, I don’t understand what he is trying to do. I tell him I need to get home now where I finally arrive.

We stop on my driveway and he asks for 40 euros. I go what? So I tell him, you made me pay the tolls, you made me late by missing the exit and now you want 40 euros for a car ride that is supposed to cost 30. I told him if he wants 32 I’d give them to him otherwise he could go ahead and call the taxi company and tell them that I won’t pay him. After 10 minutes of negotiation he was like fine…I gave him the money and then he decided that it was proper for him to carry my luggage and he literally tried to bring it all the way up to my front door. That was extremely rude since, at least in my family you can’t just walk into people’s houses if they tell you not to.


Long story short guys. Things you should know about taking a cab from the airport to your home or a cab in general.

  1. All the legal prices a taxi driver can charge you are on the internet so it should be around 3-4 euros more if its not that exact price.


  2. Some taxi drivers will miss your exit or house on purpose to get more money, you can tell when they are doing it on purpose.


  3.They will want to talk to you about your life and ask you where you work, how old you are… etc just reply: “I’m sorry I can’t talk right now” or “i’m    busy” or just put your headphones in.


  4. Do not, by any means, pay the tolls


  5. And if they tell you there is an airport tariff more than 2 euros thats a lie.


  6. Also there is a speed limit they should respect and you can tell them to go slower


Just be careful in general and stay safe. And in the best case scenario take a picture of the taxi’s number plate, so if anything goes wrong you know whose automobile you are in.