Easily one of my favorite places to hangout especially during the summer. Square suhi situated in Kifisia is the perfect place for a quick lunch after work or for a stylish and delicious dinner with friends or a significant other. It is perfect for families, couples and friend groups as it combines wonderful traits and qualities for all ages and prefrences. 

We begun our dinner with a wakame salad. As you know seaweed is taking over the world's kitchens and throws kale out of first place as it has become the new "it" green (read: Is Seaweed the new Kale) Square sushi prepares a wonderful, luscious seaweed salad, that is also a tiny bit spicy, enought to alert your taste buds. 

We continued with a delicious crab soup and it was really warm and satifying. While wiating for our main sushi dish we snacked on edamame which are Japanese long beans and had a bit of Sake - a classic warm drink from Japan

Soon enough a huge plate of sushi arrived (you can see in the slideshow below). It was delicious. It consisted of California maki, spider maki - which is with crab, ebi tempura inside out roll - which is a fried shrimp roll, ikura maki - which consists of caviar, salmon and avocado, as well as the tempura classic roll with teriyaki sauce and a special california maki with Tobiko.

Sushi was amazing but we weren't full. We ordered some tempura shrimp and veggies which were accompanied with a great sweet- chilli sauce. 

To prepare for dessert we had a bit fo ginger. 

Dessert was a scoop of mango icecream that was so creamy and refreshing. 

Overall, the food there is always great, the staff is very kind, they are there to assist you at any moment and they can help you order if you find yourself in a pickle. The environement is very pleasant and you will have a good time for sure. It's location is great, since it is very close to many other places where one would like to continue their evening. 

Check out some pictures of their delicious food and make sure to book a table because you won't eat if you don't,  the place is almost always full. 


P.S : Tell them you are from the TomatoStories blog, you will have different treatment.

Here is their contact info, enjoy:

AddressΘεόδωρου Δηληγιάννη 56, Kifisia 146 71
Open today · 6:30PM–12:30AM