El Jiron is situated in Neo Psychico in Athens, Greece and it is the perfect place for a night out with friends and family. We have tried everything on the menu and now it is your turn! Just kidding we went to try everything so you wouldn't and these are the top 5 things you have to eat:

By the way El jiron has diet friendly cuisine, it is extra healthy as the latin American cuisine uses a lot of vegetables and fruits and above all, the food is delicious and not that pricey.

1) The Crab Bao (the one and only of its kind - 10 euros) - a latin american style burger. (Fresh, real Crab, wasabi sauce, relish)

Personally when I eat the bao and the salad below I'm full. 

2) Kinoa Salad with fried shrimp

3) Sweet Potato fries with avocado dip

4) Sea Bass Ceviche

5) Stunning Pork Dumplings


That's all! Try them out you will be amazed and you don't have to have all of them in one go in case you are worried about financial issues. Sometimes I only have the salad for a quick lunch. 

Here is their contact info: 

AddressGlafkou 14, Neo Psichiko 154 51
Open today · 9AM–3AM