I'll answer all your questions about Santorini here, everything you need to know about hotels, restaurants, activities, bars...etc 

I'd say I know the island very well as I have been coming here since I was 10 and my family is currently in the tourism buisness and is often on the island for work.

Hotels that are worth Staying in: (by the way - you won't find a hotel in santorini below 150 euros) - all of the hotels below have been tested:

1) Rocabella

2) Desiterra

3) Aghios Artemios

Restaurants you have to eat at: 

1) Metaxi Mas

2) Exo Yalos

3) Rastoni

4) Katina

5) Sea Side

Where to go swimming:

1) Perivolos - Seaside (luxury)

2) Perissa - Wet Stories (party-like)

3) Kamari (multicultural)

4)Exo Yalos Beach (Quiet)

5) Red Beach

6) Vlichada

Where to get breakfast coffee and snack from: 

Only one place: Erotokritos (Cretan bakery - best breakfast on the island guranteed and the most amazing desserts and pies)

Where to go clubbing (watch out the drinks):

1) Tango Bar (Amazing view - relaxing bar) 

2) Koo Club (crazy after a certain hour)

3) Wet Stories (after-beach clubbing)

4) Enigma (not recommended for relaxation) 

Best Place to see the Sunset (The world's most famous sunset):

1) Ammoudi

2)Venetsano Wine Tasting 

3) Oia 


1) Wine- tasting (winery above)

2) Donkey Routes (medium hazard)

3) Private Boat ride/tour to the volcano or around the island, lunch and dinner included

4) Ride to Amoudi

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5) Best for pictures/photoshoots : walks in emporio village or megaloxori village (here is a picture of myself below) - full of colorful doors 

The ultimate Guide to Santorini at your feet. Enjoy!