Guess what? Paper Makeup is here for you. Mai couture has invented a no-going back product and it is so smart! It is compact as it comes in a little, cute wallet with all your everyday necessites - blush, highlighter and foundation. It also saves a lot of space in your bag since you don't have to carry massive palettes with you and your whole beauty bag. 

It is also so practical when it comes to quick touchups and it is extremely pigmented. The makeup paper comes in a little book and to use it you tear out a sheet and apply straight to your face by a sweeping motion. 

It is definitely a new idea, but it saves you so much worriying.  Perhaps you should try it out or watch some videos on it.


The packaging is very cute and it seems like a great way to apply make-up on the go withut worrying about anything spilling, your bag ruining or your car being full of highlighter and powder.