Who doesn't like defying gravity and who doesn't like a bit of healthy adrenline rush? You don't have to worry because you will only be a couple inches of the ground but this workout will help your core and abs and it's super fun

It's for both men and women and it works out most parts of your body while really clearing out your head and improving your focus. There are so many variations of exercises you can do so you could try ab workouts, lunges etc.. 

There are a lot of jumps included which gives you the feeling of flying and freedom as you escape for a little while from your demanding everyday reality. 

It helps with maintaining good posture, flexibility through stretching and is actually fun

For the gym pros out there, this may seem to easy and not a real workout due to the lack of resistance but ask for a heavier cord and you got yourself a real workout

This workout is for all ages and the level of difficulty can be adjusted through the harness (when it comes to resistance). However, it is preferred for people above 30 and for people who suffer from back problems. If you want to mess around though and jst have some fun, you are more than welcome to do so.

If we want to be realistic it won't get you losing a massive amount of calories unless you apply a huge amount of resisitance. But it is fun, relaxing and seems like a good way to get people excited about working out and perhaps get some more of them to head towards the direction of the gym.