Everybody loves a good instagram picture and obviously the lighting and brightness has to be perfect let alone the backgorund. Color Factory is full of amazing rooms full of fun activities and colorful backdrops. A room with ribbons, a selfie room that has a printer to print the selfie right away, a confetti room, a rainbow staircase. etc...

It is so photogenic and it seems to be seen quite a bit on social media. The creators began with the idea tat people today enjoy experiences more than anything else and wanted to create a positive, warm and of course photogenic environent for people to feel pleasant in and happy. 

They also said they wanted something deeper apart from sharing on social media, they wanted their guests to feel satisfction and to share the space with people they love and cherish and to make happy memories together.

Sounds more like a happiness factory than a color factory in my ears. Color factory is situated in San Francisco California and there is a whole lot of traffic so you need to purchase tickets early.

Perhaps you should give it a try: here  is there website: http://www.colorfactory.co/about/

Instagram: coloryfactoryco