Hey Guys Welcome! I am so excited to be finally uploading my blog.Tomato Stories by Sofia is the perfect place to get healthy living advice from. Forget about Google when it comes to questions like “what should I do to lose weight? or what exercise/fitness program should I follow to get abs?” My goal is for you guys to be able to have everything you need related to healthy living, nutrition, fitness and trends here. This isn’t just one more blog. You won’t have to scroll through pages and pages of websites and have to form a conclusion on your own of what it is you should do. Because we collect the best info and create the most helpful advice for you, no more  2 hour research it only takes one click and you are in healthy living heaven. We are all different and Tomato Stories thinks about everyone when it comes to healthy living choices. Tomato Stories stays close to it’s readers and is the answer to all of your healthy living questions. Don’t know what you should have for breakfast? Check out our exceptional recipe section. Are you contemplating between food swaps? Take a look at our helpful change it up section. Are you one of those foodaholics? Well, that makes two of us! Check out our remarkable food tips section, you literally can find anything in that section, it’s crazy! Also since I am greek I have decided to incorporate the Mediterranean category because most Europeans swear by that diet and that way of life. I have so many surprises for you guys and I am so happy to see you here! I can’t wait to show you all what I have prepared, but surprises will come one at a time so stay tuned! You can stay updated through our Facebook, drop a like when you can, follow us on Instagram and twitter and for you snap chatters out there, check out amazing food and interviews on our snap. Not into social media? That’s cool, email us your questions and feedback. You will find all contact info on our home page. Also interact with us through our comment section by logging in from your google account.


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