Seaweed has been part of the Asian diet for many years and is considered to have multiple health benefits, especially in the Japanese cuizine. There are differnent kinds of seaweed Nori, Kombu, Arame but the most known seems to be Wakame. Personally I really like Wakame and it's diet friendly as well since it contains only 45 calories per 100g. It helps a lot with your metabolism and immune function since it contains a tremendous amount of Iodine. People are turning to seaweed and are recognizing it's benefits and following the trend. Many say it's delicious and personally, I think so too. This miracle food is great for skin-care, hair and nails. It's rich in vitamins and minerals, however don't go overboeard with it because it contains high amounts of sodium. It has shown to prevent cancer and reverse diabetes.

Also it promotes fat burning and helps balance hormones and strengthen bones. It lowers cholesterol and boosts energy. It's a great food to eat when on a diet since it helps with weight control.

Also if you are one of those people who needs more iron in their diet (anemic), seaweed is one of the foods with an immense amount of iron. I know from experince since I myself am anemic. (check out: Living with Anemia)

Catch up with the trend too! We approve!

HERE is an easy recipe:

1) Simple Seaweed Salad

And for those who DARE:

2) Hot and Sour Cucumber with Seaweed and Burnt Chili

3) Yudofu

4) Onigiri (Rice Balls)

(Go all out with your Japanese Cuizine dishes)


Seaweed is a new trend that doesn't seem to be a fad, people are responding to it and it's benefits are massive. However every good thing needs a limit, don't go overboard with it.