1)  Are you a teengaer? or in general do you love watching your favorite series before going to sleep?

THE ANSWER THOUGH TO A GOODNIGHTS SLEEP IS:  Avoiding bright screens within 2 hours of bedtime


2) time for sleeplights OUT & QUIET


3)  Don't go to bed on an empty stomach - Don't go on a full one either (eat early but not too late)


4) Limit beverage consumption - so you don't take too many bathroom trips:)


5) Maintain a sleeping shedule (so your body knowns when to start feeling tired)


6) Limit your Caffeine intake (can cause quick heartbeat)


7) Clear your head - we all have a lot of worries and a lot of stress but try and make your priorities straight a couple hours before sleep. Two hours before sleep just relax and do not think too much (my motto is nothing can be solved after 9 pm)


8) Are you a hardcore study student? or do you have a major deadline or test coming up?  No matter how much you study the day night before, if you sleep early you will have an easier time focusing and possibly getting more answers right. So instead of pulling all nighters manage your time and get some sleep. Even if you manage to learn all that you had to learn the night before if you don't sleep so you can relax and rest,  you won't be able to remember any material of what you studied or be able to put it in context. People who tend to stop studying couple minutes before they go to sleep, tend to be stressed and that results to them having nightmares and not actaully resting but stressing and waking up nervous,sick and stressed.



9) Listen to some music before lying down & do some light activity a couple hours before to prepare your self for sleep : run, play, have a discussion, exercise


10) Sleep on your side or on your back