Water is extremely important for you and you must drink at least 8-12 glasses of water. 

Benefits of water:

  • gives you lots of energy
  • makes you lose weight faster
  • washes the toxins away (if you eat bad food or fast food - anything not catergorized as healthy)
  • It does wonder on your skin and it's complexion
  • say goodbye to headaches and pain killers
  • allows you to stay positive (good mood)
  • It's tasteless and it's effective 
  • hydrates you and leaves you feeling refreshed



1) Take a big water bottle (thermus or plastic... both fine)

2) Get many blank stickers and a sharpie

3) ask yourself when do you usually wake up (for instance I wake up around 10:00), then begin to add the sticker on the waterbottle

4) with a sharpie add the time you should drink that amount of water.

5) There are 12 hours in a day so depending on what time you go to sleep add time frames all around the bottle.

6) It should look something like this:


Instead of buying one make it, it kind of motivates you more when you put work into making it. Like the one below:
Hope it helps, because it saved me! ( I never drank any water until now, always forgot - don't worry it's common)