1) Go for a jog around your neighborhood

2) Plug in: put on your headphones and lie in bed and just enjoy the fact that you have the free time to do so

3) Have some sugar. Of course I'm the one who always says stay healthy but really sometimes it's more important to just relax and give your body a dose of quick energy

4) Have a pet?

- take it out for a walk

No pet?

No problem take your bike out for a spin

5) sleep (you know how difficult it is to get a bit more extra hours of sleep in? (plus it's so good for you and your skin)

6) go out with friends/family/significant other

7) Hit the gym

8) Read (cliche right?yeah I thought so) but pretty rare if you ask me, most people don't read anymore 

9) You think you are brave enough?

Take a road trip! Now let's see how spontaneos you can be!

10) Have a small pop-up gathering

11) Go swimming

12) Sing, no seriously! Who cares if you don't have a good voice - release the stress or the boredom by simply singing on top of your lungs.

13) You will probably hate me for this but... do some homework


 IS BOREDOM ALSO MAKING YOU HUNGARY? (check out: Boredom=snacking)

Yeah we thought so:                                                                                                                         

Try snacking on something healthy with not many calories such as:    

1) pickles

2) Fruit ( grapes, melon, cantaloupe, strawberries, cherries)

3) Kale chips                                 

4) Yogurt bowls

5) nuts and almonds


Comment below by signing in with your google account what you do to get out of the boredom zone..I'd love to hear about it guys