Types of people when it comes to diets:


Person #1:    I promised myself I would stay on the diet plan because I want to lose the weight and also live the cultural experience.

                     3 days later:  I don't think I can put up with is anymore. I need my cheesburger back (or whatever it was you ate before).


Person #2:      I will stay on this diet plan, I mean it!

                        1 month later: has told everyone about it and is feeling proud but is kind of dreading it.  Last day of diet plan:  

                         ruins it comepletely and decides to go full on junk


Person #3 :   Someone who has way too many responsibilities, and tries to keep up with the plan but ends up being way too

                    tired because their diet is too  limited.

                     1 week later: "doctor, I'm way too tired I need to stop this no carbs thing is exhausting"


Did you just figure out that you may be a parody of the situations listed above? Well guess what there is an amazing way to lose weight, stay healthy and enjoy food at the same time. Sounds like a dream? Well it's real and the well hidden secret I'm letting you in on is the medditerranean diet. This diet combines all food groups in small portions. Each portion has an immense number of vitamins and important nutrients for your body.

  • It's for all ages (it's good to start early)
  • requires you eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.
  • You must only have whole grains 
  • Be prepared to have fish and olive oil

Here are a couple ideas to start your diet plans:

1) Greek Xoriatiki Salad

2) Grilled fish with spices

3) Greek Yogurt Parfait (see: recipes)

4) Kebab

(You may find the recipies in the recipe section of my blog) - checkout the detailed section for more on the diet plans