So just like many people around the world, you wake up you go to the kitchen and you have brealfast. Sloppy or not it still is breakfast. You might as well just drink the milk from the bottom and stash some cereal in your mouth or you may be that foodaholic who wants the perfect breakfast to snapchat -you know the one with a bunch of pancakes with drizzling maple syrup on the top and freshly toasted bread with peanut butter and jelly. Sounds great right? But guess what, kind of unhealthy, I mean considering all the sugar and the fats. 

So take a look:

1) Granola - seriously great, so many nutritional benefits - helps you lose weight and lowers cholestrol and improves skin managing digestion. But guess what no matter how many bowls you have, same benefits.

100 Calories of Granola = 25 grams

2) Olive oil - Liquid gold literally (check out the importance of olive oil) but guess what, Olive oil may help keep the heart young and fight cancer but it only takes one shot glass a day to do so.

100 Calories of Olive Oil = 11 grams

3) Strawberries - Delicious, yet we are afraid to have a whole bowl of them, thinking that quantity also means gaining pounds (which is true in most cases but not this one). Seriously you can have a whole bowl and don't even feel guilty, but forget the sugar topping and the liquor (adults). Crazy right? I know! I know!

100 Calories of Strawberries = 310 grams

4) Blueberries - yumm.. perfect for a tumblr style yogurt bowl (check out how to make it) and so many health benefits to look forward to. Yet, we only put 3 or 4 and most of the times for decoration and to say we are following the trend. Guess what, you can have so many more blueberries now and enjoy one of the world's healthiest foods according to world's healthiest food website - literally! Btw: great source of fiber!

100 calories of blueberries = 160 grams

5) Bananas - remember the good old days when your mom would pack you a banana for lunch? Well for you people wanting to lose weight, 1 banana is 100 calories on it's own. Great source of potassium and energy but if you are a healthy freak or trying to lose weight stay away. If you are an athlete, you burn  it off and it's energy is great, so go for it! I mean don't get me wrong they seem great but only for certain eaters.

100 calories = 1 banana

6) Melon & Grapes & Watermelon - Still not ready to let go of the summer? Yeah, same with us.. but don't let it get to you cause you can have a big bowl of guilt-free diced melon. As for the grapes you can have 30 of them to satisfy your 100 calorie craving. We are not forgetting our favorite pink summer snack. If you didn't know already you can have a pretty big bowl of watermelon guilt-free and happy having satisfy your craving.

100 calories of diced melon = 160 grams

100 Calories of grapes = 30 grapes

100 calories of watermelon = 200 grams


Oh and there is one food alone that YOU CAN HAVE ALL DAY: CELERY = Each strip has ONLY 1 Calorie! Unbeleivable! (No dip guys!)



A mac cheeseburger = 600 calories (not adding sauces)

Instead you can have.......

A lean cut of steak or 3/4 of an entire chicken breast = 160 Calories (guess what? 5 chicken wings have that much!)

3 eggs = 160 calories

100 grams of Atlantic Salmon or duck = 160 Calories

28 almonds = 200 calories

1 cup of yogurt = 100 calories (without condiments and toppings)

2 glasses of low fat milk = 200 calories

Oh and for you dessert people out there (including myself) : lets just say that you should eat half of every pastry to fit that 200 calorie intake and that's to not break your hearts! Because it doesn't apply for everything especially for glazed donuts which you can only have 1/5 of and cream cheese bagels. 

18 gummy bears = 200 calories

57 grams of unbuttered popcorn = 200 calories

2 1/2 chocolate chip cookies = 200 calories

2 glasses of wine = 200 calories


For all of you soft drinkers out there : You can only have 50 ml of coke to stay in that 200 calorie mark (btw: there is no nutritional benefit) We get it.. it's fizzy, supposedly cool but defintely, unhealthy!

Now if you have a huge exam coming up and you need that morning boost (I don't recommend coffee, but if you're desperately in need) - A plain cup of brewed coffee has 2 calories.

THIS IS MAJOR: if you want to lose weight GREEN TEA has ONLY 2 Calories! So drink up, it also helps dry up any fat, so you can lose weight faster.

Something I totally recommend is a smoothie: depending on how you make it its about 100 calories. Easy, efficient and delicious! (check out our Green warrior smoothie here)