Again, another year with the PSL trend, when will we just understand that theis trend is long-gone and we are trying to keep it on food support although obviously it's dying.

Seriously, pumpkin spice everything is just overrated, can we just realz a bit with the pumpkin stuff.

I mean they have pumkin spiced everything from butter to coffee, I mean I understand the craze but I think we have gone a bit overboard with this one.

Do we consider PSL a fall classic just like Eggnog a christmas classic?

I mean I'm okay with it, it's just some companies have overdone it.

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Here are some things that have been pumkin spiced:

Coffee (I mean we all love starbucks, but the moment fall hits the craze begins)

Cookies - I mean yeah they are delicious



Philadelphia Cream Cheese

A buritto? I don't see eggnog burrito anywhere!



Okay.. I'm going to stop here I think you kind of got the point.

I mean it tastes good but come on people.