For the past 3 months, I have been having a spoonful of honey along with one glass of water every morning. However, I recently found out that honey and water work also well together. Warm up some water and add the raw, organic honey in the water. Now listen to the magic that happens after you drink that up:

1) Your digestion improves

2) You will boost your immune system (against sickness, the flu, colds or diseases) The enzymes it contains will protect you against bacteria.

3) Great for detox (flushing out toxins) - this could also improve with warm lemon water, unless you want to add some on your already made honey and water combo.

4) Leaves your skin looking flawless - clear and shiny (it's an antioxidant)

5) Helps you lose weight - satisfy sweet crazings 

6) Helps soothe a soar throat - natural remedy for coughing

7) Lowers cholestrol and regulates sugar levels in the body

8) Can prevent the developpment of heart disease