For the Tempura Shrimp:

1) Unfreeze your shrimp by putting it under the sink (running water).

2) Once it's unfrozen set it aside and begin making the batter. In a bowl add flower, eggs, water, pepper and salt and mix them evenly until creating a thick batter.

3) Turn on your stove and start burning some oil in your pan.

4) Then one by one dip your unfrozen shrimp in the batter and put them in the sizzling oil (first wait for the oil to sizzle).

5) Deep fry your shrimp and do not forget to turn it over so it does not burn.

6) Then remove from the stove and serve. 


For the Side Sauce:

In a bowl add some soya sauce, a bit of fish stock and some dry white wine mix well. Add some pepper and DONE!


PS: This is not the very crispy recipe: add some more flower and allow lumpes in your batter for such crispiness