First make the dough: meaning put all the ingredient listed above for the dough in a bowl and mix. Then flatten out/ roll out in rectangular pieces like can be seen below:



Then you make the filling in a bowl add all the ingredients above and mix, that's it. Add salt and pepper.

Then using a brush dipped in olive oil brush out the oil inside all the ice tray so the ravioli dough doesn't stick. Then, place the dough in an ice tray and put spoonfuls of the filling:


Then using a paper cloth or a brush apply some oil around the corners of the ice tray so the ravili doesn't stick to the ice tray and cover with another rectangle sheet of ravioli dough and make sure to press down on the edges, the oil will also help the two rectangualr ravioli pieces stick.


Set this in the refregerator until it is stiff. 

Then using a warm towl pat the ouside part of the ice tray to help get the ravioli out easily. Then turn over the ice tray and out will come the ravioli pieces like so. Cut the ravioli and make sure to cut around the corners too! When cutting make sure to press on the sider of the ravioli in order for the filling not to ooze out when the ravioli are being cooked. You can make designs on the edges of your ravioli using a knife although it is very time consuming.

Then you need to boil in steamy water until smooth:

Take out of the water and strain and then serve with grated parmesia and basil or any other herbs you enjoy: 

PS: you can add melted butter or sage. Also to get them this yellowish color I add some Knor while cooking and some butter when boiling. You may also want to add some kind of sauce untop perhaps alfredo or tomato sauce. I'm not a fan of sauces but suit yourselves but just remember every ingredient is extra calories and we want to keep it tasty but also healthy!