Begin by cutting your mushrooms in slices and washing your spinach (if in store-bought bag there is no need to prepare) and shredding your carrots. Turn on the heat and add the oil. Using a paper towel spread the oil evenly on the whole pan while wiping it. Remove all excess oil. Wait until the pan heats and test if it has by sprinkling some water if it sizzles you are ready to add in your mushrooms. Continue by adding the spinach leaves and wait until they soften and then add in the shredded carrot. Make sure you stir well the ingredients in the pan. You are ready to sprinkle some salt and pepper and enjoy! Give it a final stir! At this time though, it is optional but you may want to add a dash of truffle oil while the salad is still on the stove and melt in some Parmesian cheese. If you do not wish to do so, then simply remove the pan from the heat and serve. When serving you may sprinkle some nuts of your liking as they work perfectly with the delicious spinach!

Enjoy one of my favorite salads that is full of vitamins and energy! This is a salad I prepare everyday for myself. Plus, how can you resist it is so quick and easy! The big city is like that too! So aesthetically pleasing and full of opportunity and this is why I named this salad the NYC salad.

Hope you love it as much as I do!